Lead The Future

I am a mentor at Lead The Future, a nonprofit providing 1:1 mentoring to high-potential Italian students, since 2019. This year, I am mentoring 2 undergraduate and 3 graduate students at top European universities and institutions.


Illustration by Marta Muscelli for A.I.M.

A.I.M. (Associazione Ingegneri Matematici) is a student society with the goal of promoting the concept of Mathematical Engineering and creating a network between students and alumni from Politecnico di Milano, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions and advice about the academic and professional life. Find out more about what we do with this amazing presentation!

I was the president of the committee in 2014 and continued contributing to the Association ever since. I currently organise events for A.I.M. members in London. If you are interested in joining us, let us know by sending an email to

20140514-190540-Giorgio PAULON
A.I.M. Online party — Milan, Italy — May 2014.
Photo by Giorgio Paulon.

Scientific societies

I am also a member of S.I.S. (Società Italiana di Statistica), the Italian society for promoting the development of Statistical sciences, y-SIS (young-SIS), the sub-group of S.I.S. dedicated to young researchers, ISNPS (International Society of Nonparametric Statistics), and AISUK (Association of Italian Scientists in the UK).